History of Clay Pot Rice (煲仔饭)

Clay Pot – a literal translation from the dish called “Bao Zai Fan” (煲仔饭) – is revitalizing a traditional style of cooking rice in a clay pot over an open-flame setting. A flavor packed combination of aromatic Jasmine rice, topped with fresh ginger, scallion, a splash of soy sauce, and enriched with your choice of protein, come together to deliver your taste buds on a powerful and savory exotic journey.

Done devouring? There’s more. Those in the know are fully aware the crispy rice found on the sides and the bottom of the pot, better known as “Fan Jiao” (飯焦), is essential to any clay pot. Grab your spoons and start scraping at the sides because here at Clay Pot, we have perfected the art of the “crisp.”




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